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Benefits of AFE Membership


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Our members tell us that one of the most valuable benefits of belonging to AFE is the ability to network with others in the profession. Becoming involved in AFE pays off when you need it most. As a member of AFE you'll be able to solve problems and find answers to technical problems through a number of networking avenues.




Join a local chapter and network with other professionals in the facilities industry. Local chapters provide programming to specifically meet the local facilities communities' needs. Plant tours are frequently scheduled to view for yourself what others in your community are implementing as best practices. Speakers bring a local perspective to topics of interest in your area. And of course, by meeting with others in your area you'll build a personal and professional network of contacts and friends who will be there when you need help.


Here's only one example of how networking with AFE paid off for an AFE member — Jim Dolan, PE, who recently wrote to us.


"To all members of AFE, whom I had contacted last week, let me give you the results of my job search:

Monday - Notice of RIF
Monday - Contact AFE Network
Tuesday - First responses
Wednesday - First resume mailings
Thursday - Follow-up to secure interview>BR? Friday - Call for interview/Interview/Secure position

When I first agreed to "help out" with AFE, Chapter 52, it was with the above type of response that I hoped would be made available for all our AFE members. It worked for me, and it will work for all our fellow members... I want to thank all of you, and I want you to remember that this is what can be done for all... Networking works..."

You, too, can access this kind of support with AFE membership.


Member to Member Directory

Need to find someone with some specific expertise? Log on to the members-only area at and look up another member who can help you. Want to provide help for others? They'll find you here.



Career Advancement Certification

Did you know that by becoming a Certified Professional Maintenance Manager (CPMM), Certified Plant Engineer (CPE) or Certified Plant Supervisor (CPS), you could earn up to $11,000 more a year than your co-workers without certification? It's true.

     Our research has shown that members demonstrating knowledge with AFE's certification programs earn more than those without certification. Learn more about the CPE, CPMM, CFEA and other AFE certifications.  Learn more about AFE New England's CPMM Review Class, offered every May and November.




For professional or personal growth, AFE offers members discounts on educational events tailored to your needs. And AFE makes it easy for you with on-line classes. Click here for more information about your professional development with AFE.


AFE Career Center

Looking for a job? Looking for an employee? Here's the marketplace for facilities experts to find employment opportunities. Click here to post your personal career profile or open position.



Timely information on trends, topics, and/or technology all in bite-size time formats of 60 minutes each. They're just the key to fill the educational void of the overly busy plant/facilities professional. These live seminars are jam-packed with useful information for the engineering, operations, and/or maintenance professional, and those who want to work more effectively with related personnel. Miss a live webinar? Don't Worry. Each live webinar is recorded for future member download. All programs and downloads are FREE to members. Click here to see upcoming topics.




AFE Facilities Engineering Journal
Members receive this highly regarded, information-packed magazine six times a year. Members have access to the online archive of articles from the past issues of the Journal. Click here for more information about the AFE Facilities Engineering Journal.


Your 24/7 portal to the facilities engineering world. Members have access to the members-only area for exclusive information, services, and links to what you want to know.


Access to Vendors


The Blue Book
Members receive a free copy of the Blue Book of Construction, plus have access to the Blue Book's BB-Bid service. Click here for more information on the Blue Book and BB-Bid.



Build Leadership Skills


Professional and Personal Skill Building
Members who become involved in AFE leadership positions have the opportunity to "spread their wings" by learning new skills. Members can become involved in the local, regional, or national level. Aspire to be president? You can do it with AFE. If president seems too much for you, then serve as a committee chairman to build expertise and leadership skills you can take back to work with you. Click here for local chapter information. Complete the volunteer leadership application here.


Industry recognition


Get Published
Want to see your name in print? Write an article for the Facilities Engineering Journal, or work with our editor to publish a book.


Captive Audiences
Have some expertise you can share with others? Become a speaker locally or nationally. Work with us to develop a learning experience for others in the facilities industry.


Marketing resources
Reach a select group of facilities practitioners with an ad in the AFE Facilities Engineering Journal or with a banner ad on this web site. Rent our mailing list for your direct marketing efforts. Or promote your company locally through the local chapter bulletin ads and sponsorships.


For an application or to join on-line, click here.